Managing Users

Making Room for New Users and Deleting Old Ones

DayBack is licensed in packs of users: there's a single user license, a license for 2-5 users, and an unlimited user license.

If you have more users connecting and exceed your license count, you'll get a warning saying that you're over your limit with "too many users". Actually the user whose arrival takes you over the limit will get the warning. You'll then have the option to reset your user log.

This effectively clears the user stack and DayBack begins tracking users again. So if you have very occasional users who come in to the calendar once a month or so, you can use this "clearing" to let them in for a session without getting a larger license pack just for them. This can get annoying though, so you may want to get a larger license pack eventually.

If a user gets a new device that device will count as a new user and may send you over your licensed user count as described above. Simply click "Clear" when this happens and DayBack will start a new user stack with the new device effectively replacing the old one.

How Are Users Counted in DayBack?

The unlimited user license doesn't count users at all.

For the other DayBack licenses, users are counted by unique devices: a person who connects on a laptop and a desktop, for example, would be seen as two users. Users are only counted when they visit the calendar layout--users who never land on that layout won't count toward your licensed users.

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