None Column

Adding a Default Column for Events with No Resource Assigned

Version 9.49 of DayBack added a default column named "none" as the first column in the Resource view:

("none" appears as the first column on the left)

This is a great way to tag events that need to be assigned resources: you can visit the Resources tab and drag events out from none to resources were you have gaps in your schedule. You can see a demonstration of this in action in this short video.

Adding "none" to older versions

Once you've updated your copy of DayBack to 9.49 you'll still need to make a couple of changes to get this "none" column as it's really in your data instead of in DayBack's code. Follow these four steps:

1. Add "None" as the first entry in the Resources value list.
2. Edit the script "Load Resources" so the "$$sc_ResourceShortNames" variables include a return delimited list of your abbreviated resource names, using "none" or "n/a" as the first item.
3. Edit the Resource field in your events table and add an auto-enter calc with this definition:
If ( IsEmpty ( Resource ) or not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Resource ; "none" ) ) ; "none" ; Resource )
Make sure "Do not replace existing value..." is unchecked, as is "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty".
4. Find all the events in your table that have no resource and use FileMaker's "Records/Replace Field Contents..." command to add "none" as the resource for all these currently blank events.

Don't forget to run the Upon Opening script when you're done to see your changes take effect. =)

Renaming "None"

If you'd like to use another word for "none" simply substitute that in the four steps above.

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