Enable Sharing

What is Sharing?

You can share any filtered view in DayBack, creating a public URL that matches the view you're looking at. This is a great way to send someone just *part* of your schedule, or to share plans with customers and contractors.

See it in action here: Shared Views

Turn on Sharing for DayBack

1. Update to the Latest DayBack for FileMaker.

Sharing was updated in DayBack 10.40. Build 10.40+ is required to use this feature. Find your version here, then follow the instructions to update from your file to the latest version.

2. Start a Free 30-day Trial of DayBack Online

Sign up for a trial here: Start a Free 30-day Trial of DayBack Online. There is nothing you need to set up in DayBack Online (setup is for folks who are editing their calendars online).
You'll eventually need a single user license of DayBack Online to enable sharing from FileMaker, but you can start with a free trial. After signing up, you'll receive a user-token by email that you add to DayBack for FileMaker to activate sharing in step 3 below.
Once your trial expires, a single-user license is $139 USD/year here. (You just need a single user license to enable sharing: this enables sharing for *any* of your DayBack for FileMaker users.)

3. Copy Your User Token

As soon as you've signed up for DayBack Online you'll be presented with your "user token". This token tells DayBack where to send your shared views. Copy this token to your clipboard.

4. Add Your User Token to a Script in DayBack

Open your DayBack for FileMaker file and edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---". You'll see a section for "sharing" towards the beginning of the script. Add your user token to the variable "$$sc_DBKOUserToken" at line 16.
That variable was added to this script in version 5.99, so if you don't see it, revisit step 1 above and make sure you're using the latest version of DayBack.

5. Run the "Upon Opening" Script

Run the "Upon Opening" script again to see your changes take effect. This will activate the sharing menu and you can click "Share this View" to start sharing. Notes and tips on how to share can be found here: Sharing.

That's it!

Troubleshooting: Authorization Failed

I'm seeing "Authorization Failed".
This means you has you entered doesn't match any DayBack Online accounts or you're running a version of DayBack prior to 10.40. Please contact us for help.
The "share" menu has "Share this view" greyed out.
This probably means you have't yet entered a User Token in step 4 above.
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