Jump To My Event from the Calendar

Can I Click a Button in the Calendar to See the Event in One of My Layouts?

Absolutely. =)

This is most easily done with a custom action and DayBack comes with one such action already: "View Event Record". More info on using custom actions and modifying the "View Event Record" action here: Custom Actions.

You can also configure DayBack to show your event directly in your own layout when you click in the calendar (instead of using one of the webviewer's popovers). Notes on how to do that can be found here: Your Own Event Layouts.

What If the Event Layout I Want to Use is in Another File?

If you're configuring DayBack to show your event directly in your own layout (option 2 above) then that layout has to be in the same file as the calendar's webviewer layout (though the layout can certainly show records from another file).

If you'd like your custom action layout to reside in another file write a script in your file that can accept the event's ID as a parameter and call that script from DayBack's script "Go To Event Record From WebViewer". If you have multiple sources you may want to test for them in "Go To Event Record From WebViewer" and call your external script only when going to an event in that particular $source number.

Can I Jump to the Calendar from My Event?

And see my event in the calendar?

Yes. Check out the layout "Action - View Event" -- look at it in a stock copy of DayBack if you haven't added that layout to your file yet. You'll see a button at the bottom of the layout called "Show Event in Calendar". When called from a layout based on the same table occurrences as your Source No X layout, it will pass the event information to DayBack and the calendar with scroll / reset to show you the event.

The script on that button should be just what you need.

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